Interview with Carl R. Wiley

From the interview with Carl R. Wiley of Goodyear, AZ conducted by phone by Clare Ledden from the Fort Worden History Center on January 22, 2009. Mr. Wiley served in the US Army 369th EASR Boat Battalion at Fort Worden from 1951 to 53 as a radio operator. Here he describes an incident involving maneuvers:

“…Well I rode on a landing craft. We went on maneuvers out in the Straits one day. The weather got a little rough, at least rough for an LCM, and the front gate came down. That’s the way they got vehicles in and out. This one came loose, so we started taking on water. They headed for the beach and we got it fixed, but we had about three or four feet of water in the well deck.

When I got back, a warrant officer put me on report because I got the radio wet. It just so happened that the Captain of the group was on my boat, so he took care of the warrant officer. I didn’t have any problems after that.”

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