Interview with James O. Arntz

From the interview with James O. Arntz of Bend, OR conducted by Jonathan Langdon at the Fort Worden History Center on October 23, 2003. Mr. Arntz served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. While at Fort Worden, he was stationed at the Harbor Entrance Control Post atop Artillery Hill. Here he discusses a little-known incident.

“We did a very necessary function there, keeping the Japanese subs out. In fact, a Jap sub came into the Strait of Juan de Fuca one day…they had been detected when they went across the magnetic loops…we had sonar loops out there too. They are microphones that would (pick up the sound), you could hear the type of motors. We knew it was a sub, and we (could tell) if it was a U.S. sub; but we knew it was a Jap sub. Well, they surmised that they had been detected, they turned around and went back out the Straits. In the meantime, the PC boat was afraid to drop the depth charges because it would screw up our magnetic loops. So they got away and went out through Neah Bay and out into the Pacific. We never got them.”

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