Interview With George W. Day

From the interview with George W. Day of Lummi Island, WA conducted by Mona Lou Stefflre on July 6, 2002 at the Fort Worden History Center. Mr. Day served in the US Army during World War II, he was stationed at Fort Worden in 1941:

“…I got to meet the Russians across the Elbe River at a town called Ludwiglust which had a Polish concentration camp (Woebbelin) in it. Full of dead bodies. We were set up (as) the government in town and searched it all out and made sure it was allright. …these people in town said they didn’t know the camp existed but you could smell it …Our orders were for them to dig up the square in the center of town and bury all these Polish people in it. Now, whether they did that, I don’t know because the Russians took over that part of the area and we pulled out. It made us a little disgusted because we had secured the place and the Russians came in, and the people were scared to death of the Ruskies. They waded across the Allbrute which is about four feet deep to get away from the Ruskies. They (the Russians) went in, they broke up furniture, they broke windows, they just ruined everything in town. Didn’t have any respect for the people there.”

“Another little story. We were on the banks of the Rhine River and…mortar fire took out our mess truck, which had all the supplies on it. We were out of food, we were 400 miles from the nearest distribution center. The troops went out and they got a wagon full of potatoes, cabbages—took them away from a farmer and we had potatoes. The beef were running around, the milk cows nobody had taken care of; and in my outfit were two kids from Iowa who still had their skinning knives with them. A heifer came in the area and they slit its throat and hung it on a tree and gutted it and we had meat was almost still quivering when it went into the field range (stove)….The orders were not to eat any of that stuff because it hadn’t been TB tested or anything. But we ate it because we wanted something to eat. After a couple of days, they got a truck back to us all loaded with supplies.”


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