Interview With Rodney E. Kendall

From the interview with Rodney E. Kendall of Puyallup on October 18, 2003 by Wendy Los. Mr. Kendall worked for Kendall Construction, the firm that built the lower campground at Fort Worden in 1973. This story concerns an unusual find unearthed when the electrical system was being installed:

“We were digging between the hangar buildings, the dirigible hangars that were down there near the beach. We started digging the trenching to run the wires out and tie into the existing power lines that were out by the Coast Guard lighthouse. We started digging up all these horse bones, the skulls and leg bones and the spines and all the parts of  horses. There were several of them, quite a few of them.  We found out that this was a burial site from when Fort Worden was first in its construction process. When the first Army troops were in here they had a lot of horses. This was a burial site that they set up  where they buried the animals that had passed away…(the horses) all laid in there and decayed …until we got there and dug right through the middle of it all…We were just digging a narrow trench two feet wide. I assume this burial site covers quite a large area…who knows, there could be hundreds of them down there.”

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