Interview with E.G. “Gus” Lindquist

From the interview with E.G. “ Gus” Lindquist of Port Townsend, conducted by John Clise at the Fort Worden History Center on October 1, 2003. Mr. Lindquist was the first Superintendent of the Fort Worden Juvenile Diagnostic and Treatment Center. He died in 2004. Here he was discussing the history of the building known as Bliss Vista on the Fort Worden campus:

“What we did was provide housing for the hard to get people…the clinicians, the social workers, the psychologists, the psychiatrist…Eventually we got a psychiatrist named Barbara Bliss from Menninger Foundation in Topeka. She was a good psychiatrist, but in order to get her, we had to do quite a bit. There’s a little house called Bliss Vista, on the hill right next to the gun emplacements ….We moved it there, put it in operation, turned it around so that it faced the water. It’s the best house there, and it was Barbara’s house, she paid thirty dollars a month for it.”

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