Interview With Harry Plowman

From the interview with Harry Plowman of Quincy, PA conducted by Oran De Bois on January 4, 2004 by telephone from the Fort Worden History Center. Mr. Plowman served in the US Army from 1942 to 1952 and attained the rank of colonel. He served in both World War II and Korea. Here he describes the night the Fort Worden Officers Club was destroyed by fire:

“We had a very nice one. About two o’clock one morning I heard the fire siren blow and so I got up and looked out the window from where we lived off post and I saw all these flames. Our Officer’s club was on fire and it burned completely down to the ground. The next morning the only thing that was left was a large native stone fireplace and chimney. A lot of my friends joked and accused me for burning down the Officer’s Club. The reason they did this (was because) at noon time all the officers went there and made lunch most of the time, and we had a cribbage game going all the time. You tried to work your way up to be on top, be the first man on the ladder as far as cribbage players were concerned. They knew that I became the top man on the cribbage ladder—of course, it was that night that the club burned down. So everybody accused me…so I would always be the number one cribbage player.”

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