Interview With Stan Muench

From the interview with Stan Muench of Seattle conducted by phone from the Fort Worden Oral History Center by Patience Rogge on March 16, 2005. Mr. Muench was a staff social worker at the Fort Worden Juvenile Treatment Center from June 1969 to October 1970. He and his wife lived in Bliss Vista cottage and paid $30.00 a month rent for the house overlooking Admiralty Inlet. Here he recalls pleasant things about living at Fort Worden:

“I would tell you that the two most pleasant things I remember about living at the Fort are foggy days when you’d wake up in the morning and you’d hear the foghorns out on the bay on the buoys out in Admiralty Inlet. That was really a nice sound to hear. The other nice thing is walking on the beaches at Fort Worden on a hot summer day maybe in August with a low tide where you could see the kelp beds and see some of the exposed lower part of the beach. Those are two memories I have of the place.”

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