Interview With Ann Robson

From the interview with Ann Robson of Issaquah, WA, conducted by Pam Clise on October 11,2003 at the Fort Worden History Center. Ms. Robson’s parents, Pauline and Tom Scott worked for the Fort Worden Juvenile Diagnostic and Treatment Center from 1959 to 1972. He was director of education and recreation and she was the secretary for the superintendent. They lived in Bldg. 6E on Officer’s Row. Here she tells of an incident that reflects on the community feeling of the Center:

“I remember when my cat got stuck up in this really tall tree right next to my house…my dad said it had to stay there until it came down. I was just mortified that that cat was going to be up there for days. Not really knowing any better, I saw the maintenance men and I said, ’Can you get my cat down?’ They came over with this big ladder and got the cat down for me and my dad was furious, he said ‘We don’t need to bother them for that.’ But then they came back and put this big piece of metal around the tree so that the cat would go up the tree and hit the metal and go back down, so they didn’t have to do that anymore. Now, that isn’t a very profound thing but it kind of symbolizes that everybody took care of everybody here, everybody was caring. Whenever all the people that worked here got together with their kids (they) seemed to have a good time and enjoy it. That’s what is important.”

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