Interview With LKF

From the interview with LKF of Chattaroy, WA conducted by Patience Rogge by phone from the Fort Worden History Center on January 29, 2008.  LKF was a resident of the Fort Worden Juvenile Diagnostic and Treatment Center  in 1957-58, when he was 14 years old.  Here he describes life at the Center, where he lived in what is now the Coast Artillery Museum building:

“We would go upstairs and we’d play cards.  We had a pool table and a ping pong table.  I played a lot of ping pong, I was real good at it.  I learned how to play pool.  Then when we had dinner, breakfast and dinner, they’d take us downstairs and we would go into the kitchen and walk past with our trays and they’d give us our food and we’d sit down and eat.  When we were done, we’d dump our trays and go back upstairs.  They would bring us our lunch upstairs.  It was just cold sandwiches and stuff like that.  I remember kids smoking and they would take aspirins and grind them up and put them in cigarettes to get high.  I tried that one time, that made me sicker than s—.  There were always bullies and you had to stay away from them.  I never had any major bad experiences or anything like that.  I actually thought Fort Worden was a good place.  I made a home out of it.  I enjoyed it because I didn’t have a home life and I didn’t have association with other kids that were on the same level with me and I enjoyed that working there.  I vaguely remember that I got to go home for Christmas and I had to come back.  I rode a Greyhound bus all the way home (to Spokane).  They took me to Seattle and put me on the Greyhound.  When I came back I had to meet the station wagon that brought me back to the Fort.  My stay, looking back on it, was pretty pleasurable.”

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