Interview With LRH

From the interview with LRH of Sumner, WA conducted by phone by Patience Rogge on November 2, 2004 from the Fort Worden History Center.  LHR was a resident at the Fort Worden Juvenile Diagnostic and Treatment Center in 1959 when he was 17 years old.  Here he describes the rough justice the residents meted out to a snitch in their ranks and the consequences he faced because of it:

“We had one kid in the cottage that was what we referred to as a rat.  He got a couple of guys in trouble so we gave him a blanket party late at night.  Put a blanket over his head and we put soap in a sock and beat him with it.  When the screw came in trying to figure out who did it, everybody was lying back in his rack.  I was lying there and I knew the first one that moved was going to get rousted, and unfortunately I moved, so he grabbed me and threw me out and threw me down in the hole for three days.  I think I was on bread and water for three days.  I had it coming. We knew the consequences where you’re either going to get hit or you were going to be thrown in the hole, so we’d weigh what we were doing and if we did something we were well aware of what the trouble was going to be the price we had to pay for it.”

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