Interview With Inger Mullaney

From the interview with Inger Mullaney of Gresham, OR conducted by Sandra Lizut by phone from the Fort Worden History Center on May 18, 2004.  Mrs. Mullaney was born in Port Townsend on May 12, 1914 and died in Clackamas, OR on October 21, 2010.  She lived in Port Townsend until 1950, when her husband Bernard T. Mullaney was transferred to OR.  Her grandfather, Karl Bendixen was the first superintendent of Fort Townsend.  Here Mrs. Mullaney tells how the local paper mill coped with the manpower shortage during World War II and a consequence of the program:

“During World War II, when there were all these soldiers around, they’d be on duty for a while and then they’d have a day off.  They were not very well paid.  At the time, my husband was in charge of the personnel and safety department at the Port Townsend Paper Mill.  They needed workers at the mill, so he would hire them to come out to the mill and work.  After we were transferred to Oregon, I would drive into Portland.  One of the fellows he had hired was in charge of a parking lot in downtown Portland.  I could come in there, and if he saw me, even if there was a big “Full” sign, he’d let me in.”

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