Interview With Paul W. Palmer

From the interview with Paul W. Palmer of Chimacum, WA conducted by John Clise at the Fort Worden History Center on June 25. 2002.  Mr. Palmer served as a cook/baker in the U.S. Army 532 Engineer Shore and Boat  Regiment Company B at Fort Worden from 1946 to 1949. Here he relates an incident that occurred during a visit of Sixth Army Commander General Mark Clark to Fort Worden:

“I baked some cakes and cut them into individual servings and left them in sheet cakes on top of the counter. KP’s came in there and with a knife or pencil wrote (expletive) on every individual piece.   The first sergeant came in to the kitchen (and saw it)  and told the captain, who was angry.  ‘Who was on duty?’ he asked.  ‘Paul was,’ they answered.  I was asleep and the sergeant  came and woke me up and ordered me to come down to the kitchen, ‘What happened here?’ the captain asked.  I said, ‘Yeah, what did happen?’ The three KP’s were standing in the back, acting smart.  They ended up in Fort Leavenworth.  The KP’s must have been in trouble before, they kicked the three of them into the guardhouse here just as quick as they could, and I never did see those guys anymore. I just took some more icing and wiped right across the cakes.  General Clark never knew any difference.”

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