Interview With Robert Stead

From the interview with Robert Stead of Federal Way, WA conducted by Patience Rogge on March 29, 2005 at the Fort Worden History Center.  Mr. Snead worked at the Fort Worden Juvenile Diagnostic and Treatment Center when he was a student at the University of Washington from 1958 to 1961.  He first worked in Security and later as a Cottage Parent.  Here he discusses how the staff dealt with discipline problems:

“There were the solitary confinement cells in the cottages where they’d take them down and put them in just an enclosed room with no windows and just a door.  It was all steel cased on the inside and they would just sit them down for a couple of days. But the lockup was just a regular old jail, big clanky doors and the whole schmear.  They’d put them in there for a couple or three days or whatever.  I remember there was one kid that  some of the staff had had some experience with prior.  This is a boy that’s 16 or 17 years old.  They were bothered enough by this young man that he never did get in a cottage.  He came in and they put him in a cell and then they took him from the cell down to Green Hill (the juvenile prison in Chehalis, WA), so he never got the diagnostic treatment that the others did.  I don’t know what their experience was with this boy.                 That was the only one I remember that didn’t get into the cottages.  It was generally the older boys who went into that unit and they stayed for a day or two and then they’d go back to the cottage.  But this boy never made it to the cottage.”

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