Interview With Frances M. Walls

From the interview with Frances M. Walls of Alexandria, VA conducted by phone from the Fort Worden History Center on May 25, 2004 by Sandra Lizut.  Mrs. Walls was the daughter of  Col. Frank M. Moose, who served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps from 1917 to 1947.  He and his family lived at Fort Worden from 1937 to 1941, while he was the post surgeon.  Here she describes some memories of life on Officers Row:

“At 5:00PM they had Recall and everybody had to stand at attention while they took the flag down.  My dad used to hurry home from the hospital so he could get in the front door before that time when the bugle blows and he would have to stand at attention.  He would manage to get in the house and we had to have dinner immediately.  He had a wonderful vegetable garden out behind the house next to the garages in a big vacant area.  Every night when he got home he’d quickly eat his supper and go out to the vegetable garden.  He preferred that to going to parties, as you know there were many necessary parties in the military.  He’d go because he had to, but he’d rather work in the garden.  He liked people, he was very nice, but he shied away from social activities.  My mother had her flower garden in front of his vegetable garden.”

The family had lived in Tientsin, China before being transferred to Fort Worden.  In answer to how her life had changed when she came to Fort Worden, Mrs. Walls replied:

“I got to ride in cars and laugh and get around and do things and be with other kids and go to movies.  And, oh, eat hot dogs.  It was just wonderful.  I didn’t know life could be so much fun.  Most of my social life had to do with school.  I really loved sports and I loved high school.  I had a deal with the football team that if they won, they could come out to my house and I would have banana cream pie.  So whenever they won, my mother would let me take over the kitchen and make banana cream pies for the football team.  They’d all sweep out to the house and park all around the hose.  They’d come into that big kitchen and eat banana cream pie. “

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