Interview with Almanza “Red” Rogers

From the interview with Almanza “Red” Rogers of Randle, WA conducted by Clio Ward by phone on March 19, 2014 from Port Townsend. Mr. Rogers served at Fort Worden in the 369th EASR during the Korean War Era.

Complete transcripts and recordings of this and all interviews conducted for the Fort Worden Oral History Program are available at a nominal fee to cover duplicating and shipping. Inquire at or 360.344.4481 for details.

Here he discusses a lifelong friendship and how he came to Fort Worden:

When we were waiting at Fort Lewis to find out where we were going to go, I was on KP and one of the other KPs was John Singhose. But come to find out that it was Thanksgiving Day and the head cook was from Bremerton and he’d been reactivated and he ran a donut shop in Bremerton and he remembered me. So we had pretty good KP then. So John Singhose and I have been friends now since 1950. I stood up when he got married and he stood up at our wedding.

To make a long story short, there was some real tough weather and a bunch of bridges and landslides and stuff. But we were supposed to go to Fort Ord and eventually go to Korea but that fell through. The 369th had just been activated and the regiment commander was looking for people to fill the outfit out. That’s the reason we ended up in Fort Worden. It wasn’t because of anything other than bad weather. We were available.

A hospital stay:
I was on a CQ (Care of Quarters) one night and oh in the morning I was just sicker than a dog. They took me up to the hospital and put me in bed. And a couple of days later they found out what was wrong. I broke out with the measles. I was sick for a few days. I got treated good, it was a small outfit and a lot of different than the likes of if you were at Fort Lewis or something like that. You’d just be a number there.

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