Interview With Larry Frankini

From the interview with Larry Frankini of Flushing, NY conducted by phone by Henry West from the Fort Worden History Center on March 2, 2005. Mr. Frankini served in Company B of the Boat Battalion, 369th EASR fom 1951 to 1953. Here he describes his work:

“I was on a salvage boat. It was an LCM, we had rigs and it was set up for a salvage boat. If any of the boats got broke–in combat, sometimes they would broach on shore and we would pull them off with a tow line. The boats would get turned sidewys by the waves, they would broach and we’d get them and do minor repairs.”

How he felt about Army life:

“I enjoyed the Army and I liked Washington State. I liked Port Townsend very much when I was there in ’51, it was a great place. Worden was a good camp, it was a good town, people were great and the people in town were very good to soldiers. A lot of times when you get in these Army camps, they resent that you’re even there. But those people were very, very good.”

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