Interview With Gwen Lovett

From the interview with Gwen Lovett of Port Townsend conducted by Rick Martinez at the Fort Worden History Center on February 27, 2003. Ms. Lovett was born in Port Townsend while her father, Master Sergeant Archie Christensen was stationed at Fort Worden.

“ I lived at Fort Worden until I was five or six years old. We had just a small little bungalow type house on post. At that age all you can remember is playing, being outside, playing with your playmates.I got to go down to the motor pool where my dad worked. Sometimes I wasn’t supposed to, but just things like that because the little house we lived in was so close to the motor pool. I remember kind of vaguely some of the things on the parade ground, but they are not real vivid pictures.

One thing I do remember is my mother used to help with the parties at the Commanding Officer’s house. I remember going in there back in the kitchen because she would take me with her. I do remember her helping when they had parties to put on.”

Ms. Lovett moved back to Port Townsend after her husband retired and became an active volunteer at Fort Worden. She has been a member of Friends of Fort Worden since its early days and volunteers at Centrum.

“When we first started, our main object at the time was to organize for the 2002 centennial. We originallly got together to start the little gift shop and to promote the Fort and its history. It is a labor of love, I tell you.”

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