Interview With Dick Berg

From the interview with Dick Berg of Olympia, WA conducted by Wendy Los at the Fort Worden History Center on June 21, 2005. Mr. Berg served in the U.S. Army Sixth Division at Fort Worden, Hudson Point, and Korea during the Korean War. Here he describes one of his experiences while serving in Korea:

“Our company, the 501st Harbor Craft, was in charge of all floating equipment. We had seagoing tugs and containers with all the food for all the guys in Korea who came through the port. We had a pretty important job because it was the only shipyard in Korea. I remember a ship that came in, a Korean ship that got hit out in the water with another ship that almost cut it in half. They brought it into the shipyard and we dry docked it. We took out 15 or 20 bodies. It was an experience I’ll never forget.”

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