Interview With Norma Borgstrom

From the interview with Norma Borgstrom of Williams, OR. Mrs. Borgstrom was an Army wife who lived in Port Townsend during the Korean War era while her husband was stationed at Fort Worden. The interview was conducted by PamClise on January 27, 2004 by phone at the Fort Worden History Center:

“We were living in the Hastings Building apartments on Water Street…all we had was an icebox, we didn’t have refrigerators and they didn’t have ice delivery.  A sergeant and his wife lived across the hall from us, he and my husband would stop and get blocks of ice. And one night, the sergeant would carry the block up the stairs. It was up on the third floor.  And then the next night, my husband would have to carry the ice, they were like a couple of kids…well, we were all just kids. And they’d ride those blocks of ice down the hallway and you could hear them coming forever. We thought it was terribly funny.”

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