Interview With Jack Hartt

From the interview with Jack Hartt on May 12, 2002 conducted by Mona Lou Stefflre for the Fort Worden Oral History Program. Mr. Hartt served as a Park Ranger at Fort Worden from 1989 to 1999. Here he describes his family’s life in Bldg. 352, a duplex built in the early 1900’s to house noncommissioned officers, a large two-story building:

“We had five children…There were times when people walking by wondered what was going on because they could hear screaming coming from inside because we’d have these great hide and go seek games or capture the flag games …We’d have a flag on each floor and then each side had one stairway. And you’d go up the stairs, down the stairs, chasing each other, in and out, through the doorways, making circles that way and up… It was just a riot, just a hoot. The kids just loved being there. Doing waterfalls, we’d start at the top of the stairs and then they’d ride on their butts to slide down the stairs all the way on pieces of cardboard…and just bounce all the way down, boom, boom, boom, boom down you hit the wall at the bottom and crash. Those kids just loved that 16 stair drop down. We had this huge backyard we turned into a baseball stadium, Frisbee field, and a lot of folks can remember camping in the upper campground and watching my family being a family.”

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