Interview With Charles J. Herzer

From the interview with Charles J. Herzer of Port Ludlow, WA conducted by Rick Martinez on July 2, 2002 at the Fort Worden History Center. Mr. Herzer was the son of Captain Charles J. Herzer, U.S. Army, who was stationed at Fort Worden during World War I. Here he discusses Army mules and a bit of Army humor:

“The Army mules at that time were much revered. In those days, the antiseptic that was used for cuts and minor surgery and so on was gentian violet. Whenever we went to the hospital they would paint one side of our behinds with a stylized US, which was how the mules were branded. When the mules were too old to work the Army would sell them, either for food or I don’t know what. They would brand the other side of the mule with the letters IC, which meant inspected and condemned so that the mule could not be sold back to the Army. Of course, we would always leave the hospital with somewhere painted on us the letters IC.”

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